Notice of Privacy

The protection of your personal data and your privacy is of the highest priority for Valetz.

Valetz expresses its commitment to privacy and data protection by adopting the following principles:
We use personal data in a legal, fair and transparent way, we do NOT collect more personal data than necessary and we ONLY do so for a legitimate purpose, we do not retain more data than necessary, nor for a longer period than necessary, we protect your data personnel with the appropriate security measures.

About this privacy notice
This Privacy Notice intends to establish a clear, concise and transparent communication about the collection, use, processing, storage, etc. of personal data relating to Valetz customers.

For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, "Valetz customers" refers to the previous, current and potential customer or user of a product or service offered by a Valetz affiliate and brand, visitors to any of our websites or official stores , members of a loyalty or community program.

Data collected on web pages
This policy applies only to information collected on the web pages. We collect two types of information from visitors to our web pages: (1) Personal Data and (2) Non-Personal Data. "Personal Data" is personally identifiable information that you provide to us, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, and sometimes your Internet Protocol (IP) address. We may collect this information when you create your profile on our website, visit our websites, or make a purchase. "Non-Personal Data" may be technical in nature. These do not identify you personally. Examples of non-personal data may include, but are not limited to, cookies, web beacons, and demographic information.

Who is responsible for the use of your personal data?
The Dominican company Valetz is the main party responsible for the processing of personal data that is covered within this Privacy Notice. In certain circumstances, the responsibility for data protection and your privacy is shared with one or more legal entities, whether it is an affiliate of Valetz.

In each specific section of this Privacy Notice, you will be informed who is responsible for the use of your personal data, the assignment of responsibilities and the modalities of execution of the rights.

Identity of the manager or managers of Valetz:
Ens. La Paz C/1st #5
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
Authorized representative: Alejandro Martinez

The controllers of Valetz mentioned above are referred to throughout this Privacy Notice, individually or collectively as "Valetz", "we" or "us".

Where do we store your data?
The personal data that we collect about you is generally stored in a country that belongs to the European Union or the European Economic Area ("EU/EEA") but may also, whenever necessary, be transferred to and processed in a country that does not belong to the EU/EEA. Any transfer of this type of personal data will be carried out in compliance with applicable laws and without affecting your legal rights.

From time to time we may transfer personal data from the EU/EEA to a third country that is not approved by the European Commission as a safe country for such transfer (adequacy decision). Where applicable, Valetz will use the Standard Contractual Clauses to ensure a level of protection similar to that afforded in the EU/EEA or other legal grounds for transfer.

Who has access to your data?
Your personal data is available and accessible only to those who need the data to achieve the intended purpose of use. To the extent necessary, your personal data may be shared among the companies and brands within Valetz, with vendors and subcontractors (processors and sub-processors) who perform certain tasks on Valetz's behalf, and with independent third parties, including, but not limited to , use personal information that you share with us or that we indirectly collect to verify your identity and for fraud prevention purposes.

What is the legal basis for the care of your personal data?
Valetz is not authorized to collect, process, use, store, etc. personal data without a valid legal basis. The legality can derive from your consent, by contract, legal obligations or from our legitimate interest as a company. For each specific personal data processing purpose we collect from you, we will inform you of the legal basis that will apply and the rights you may exercise, whether providing personal data is statutory or necessary to perform a contract; whether it is an obligation to provide your personal data, and the possible consequences if you decide not to do so.

What are your rights?
Right of access:
Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation about the information that Valetz has about you. You can contact Customer Service who will send you the personal data we have about you via email.

Right of portability:
Whenever Valetz processes your personal data through automated means based on your consent or agreement, you have the right to obtain a copy of your data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format transferred to yourself or a third party. . It will include only the personal data that you have provided us.

Right of rectification:
You have the right to request the rectification of your personal data if it is inaccurate, including the right to complete data that appears incomplete.

If you have a Valetz account, you can edit your personal details in that account and on the subscription pages.

Right of erasure:
You have the right to obtain without delay the deletion of any of your personal data processed by Valetz at any time, except in the following situations:
* You have a pending issue with Customer Service
* You have a pending order that has not yet been shipped or whose shipment has not been completed,
* You have an outstanding debt with Valetz, regardless of the payment method
* It is suspected or confirmed that you have misused our services in the last four years
* Your debt has been transferred to a third party in the last three years, or in the last year in the case of deceased customers
* Your credit application has been denied in the last three months
* You have made a purchase so we will keep your personal data in relation to the transaction by accounting regulations.

Right to oppose the care and handling of data based on legitimate interest:
You have the right to object to the use of your personal data based on the legitimate interest of Valetz. Valetz will no longer process the personal data unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for its use that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or for the formulation, exercise or defense of claims.

Right to limitation in treatment:
You have the right to request that Valetz limit the processing of your personal data in the following circumstances:
* If you oppose the use of your data based on the legitimate interest of Valetz, Valetz must limit any processing of said data pending the verification of the legitimate interest.
* If you claim that your personal data is incorrect, Valetz must limit any processing of such data until its accuracy is verified.
* If the data processing is illegal, you can oppose the deletion of the personal data and, instead, request the limitation of its use.
* If Valetz no longer needs the personal data, but you do need them to formulate, exercise or defend claims.

How can you exercise your rights?
We take data protection very seriously and that is why we have dedicated customer service staff to answer your requests related to the rights mentioned above. You can contact them whenever you want by email

We also have customer service personnel to follow up on your requests related to the rights mentioned above. You can contact them whenever you want by email

If you have a Valetz Account, you can exercise your right to access, portability and rectification on your account pages, where you can also delete it.

We do not directly collect any personal data from persons under the age of 13 on our websites. If we discover that such information is in our possession, it will be deleted.

Data Protection Officer:
We have appointed a Data Protection Officer to ensure that we continually process your personal data in an open, accurate and lawful manner. You can contact our Data Protection Delegate at: and write DPO as a subject.

Right to file a claim with a control authority:
If you have complaints about the way Valetz processes and protects your personal data and your privacy, you have the right, at any time, to file a complaint with the Dominican Data Protection Authority or any other competent supervisory authority in your country of residence.

Updates to our Privacy Notice:
We may need to update our Privacy Notice. The latest version of the Privacy Notice is always available on our website. We will communicate any material change in the Privacy Notice, for example, the purpose of the care and use of your personal data, the identity of the person responsible or their rights.

The revision history is shown in the Changes to this Privacy Notice section.